Success & Failure


“Not all achievements have corresponding reward. Not all rewards signify equivalent achievement.” ― Jeet Neogi


Wishful Thinking

I wish for the day when peace reigns over the world,
When all the conflicts between us cease to exist,

When integrity and courage should be payable to live on earth,
When attaining divinity is the main goal of our religions
When empowering growth with wisdom is
The principal aim of our societies and institutions,

I wish for the day when we want to have closer contact and
Better understanding between ourselves and communities,
When we are able to eliminate our egoism and pride
To attain enlightenment and liberation from the cycle of life and death,

When we are able to thrive as a whole of mankind
Without culture or creed, without hate or dissension,
Without anger and greed, without wealth and position,

I wish for the day when we are able to witness the mysteries
Of this universe and the beauty of life,
Without being selfish and closed-minded,

When we are able to release ourselves from the prison of
Our regrets and resentments, fears and prejudices,
And finally, decide to stop looking back and start marching ahead,

I wish for the day when humanity prevails over materialism
When we stop using people merely as a means to our end(s)
When people aren’t strangers and enemies but equals and friends,

When we learn the art of letting the truth live and lie(s) die
When we are at peace with ourselves and with the rest of the world

I just wish for the day
When we all want to make the world a better place.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash


The Misfits

Our stories are the succession of our experiences,
Of events how we have dealt with them,

We are shunned by the world, we wander on,
We are weeded out by society,
In the name of being dysfunctional to the system,

Our greatest tragedy is our greatest strength,
The pain of suffering has made us wise & insightful,
We possess the ideas and wisdom,
Which present us with the gift of light,

We dare to be independent of the,
Conventional prejudices of our era,
We are too conscious of,
Not being gone with the flow of the trends of our era,

We stumble upon the uncharted path of life,
Looking for the meaning and purpose of our existence,
Seeking for something to stand for in life,
While we are scattered entities of this generation,

We are the misfits,
We are the odd ones out,
We are rebels in our lonely lives,
Together we shine and illumine.

Photo by Lisheng Chang on Unsplash


The Stigma of Mental Illness In Our Generation

The world he lives in,
Is far different than ours.
The reality he confronts every day,
Is far worse than ours.

There’s a pain of brokenness,
That he often feels so intensely,
Since he’s not been able to mend himself completely.

In a lonely boat with paddles,
He floats stranded on the sea of darkness;
Enclosed within smog, seeking the shore,
He drifts through his days just like a ghost.

We don’t pay attention,
We don’t even look,
We are the youth with blissful ignorance,
While he’s just an open book.

They say that ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.’
While the fact is what couldn’t kill him made him weaker.
They say ‘Everything happens for a reason.’
While the truth is everything that happened to him,
Has led him to catastrophe.

They say he’s a Cherophobic,
But no one knows that most of the time,
He’d found happiness, he lost it indeed.

He’s standing on the brink of the abyss,
Deciding to jump and fall into it;
Although everyone is almost aware of it,
No one seems to reach out to him.
Will he succumb to peace or fall down in shame?
Who knows what his fate will be,
Heaven and hell are both fair game.

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash


Hopelessly In Love

Love cannot be described in words,
It has no shape, it has no form,
Love cannot be forced,
It can only be felt.
Love does not conform,
It has its own reason to be blind.

Love enters our life
From the very moment when we are born,
It still remains even after our death,
In the forms of fond memories and emotions
to our beloved ones.

Love is when the sole satisfaction
Of our innermost beings comes from seeing
The happy faces of our nearest beings.

Love is the foundation of all living beings,
To achieve their full potential until their death.
Like a candle which burns itself even sometimes flickers,
But never dies since its light can be transferred to other candles.

Love doesn’t make our lives purposeful,
It is what makes our living worthwhile.
Love is when we recall our fond memories,
Of those special movements with whom,
We once cherished so intensely.

Love is the gift of God,
Which fills our heart,
So that by its presence
We can witness the beauty of life & nature.

Love is when we decide to share our time,
Halve our rights and double our duties,
With someone special for the rest of our life.

Love is when we lean on someone
Or let someone lean on us
To undergo the bitterness and savour the sweetness
Together for the rest of our lives.

Love is when we eager to help and encourage all
On the journey of their lives,
With smiles and sincere words of praise,
Love is when we take the time
To listen carefully and care wholeheartedly.

Love is the greatest power of all,
Yet it is noticeably so small.
Love is the greatest of heaven’s blessings,
Which is amongst us all.

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash


A Tale of Her

There’s a girl,
Who often feels lonely,
Even when she’s in the company of her friends.
Her heart cries out often
Even when she’s not alone
But no one seems to hear her shout.

Nobody knows it’s fake,
The smile that she wears on her face.
Nobody knows she cries herself to sleep,
When everyone’s in their beds asleep.

She needs somebody to listen to her,
She needs someone to understand her,
They say sadness reduces on sharing with others,
But every time when she opens herself up,
Nobody wants to lend a hand to pull her up.

They think that she’s strong,
‘Cause she says she doesn’t need one,
Nobody knows that deep down
She needs someone to lean on.

Some people would say she is crazy,
Some people would say she is mad,
But nobody doesn’t understand that,
She’s a victim of something she can’t comprehend.

She once had a colourful and cheerful life,
But now it has turned so grey and blighted.
She once enjoyed her group of friends;
Now she wishes them away.

Deep in her heart, she realizes she must stop,
And decide what she deserves,
‘Cause she can’t keep going feeling
And ending up her life in this way till death embraces her.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash


Soul Loss

I’m tired of searching for the meaning and purpose in life,
Tired of facing the grim reality of life,
Tired of overcoming
The ceaseless obstacles in the journey of life.

I’m tired of the judgements of society & others,
Tired of facing the unpleasant consequences of life
Which resulted from my past blunders

I’m tired of constantly battling my defeats and fears,
Tired of dreaming of a life that I will never have.

I’m tired of being forgotten and put down by the people,
With whom I cherished the best movements of my life,
Since at present I’m not being good enough.

I’m tired of attempting to pull myself up from the sea of despair,
Tired of putting my trust in people,
that pierces my heart like a sharp spear.

I’m tired of being stuck in a lifeless atmosphere,
Tired of being an unhappy stranger in some people’s lives,
Tired of being misunderstood.

I’m tired of feeling this way,
Tired of being me,
My soul is just tired.

Note: I wrote this poem especially about those people who suffer from depression, schizophrenia and other mental disorders. For those whose reality is far different than others. This poem describes the way how they often feel.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


A Tale of an Old Soul

Once upon a time in this life,
I was full of hope and optimism,
‘Cause I didn’t know what is despair and pessimism,
But now I linger between the former and latter.

I isolate myself in despair,
From my immediate surrounding,
Since I feel abandoned in their company.

I pass them on the streets,
But my eyes briefly meet theirs;
I talk to them for the sake of etiquette,
But there’s nothing inside my heart except emptiness.

My happiness has lost in the maze of time,
You ask me how my day was and I say fine;
The future that I dreamed of,
Shattered far in the past;
A heart that loved all,
Kept splitting on the journey of life.

My heart doesn’t want to love anyone anymore,
Nor does it want to savour the joy of being alive.
It seems as if I’m trapped in a cocoon,
But also I don’t even want to burst it soon.

I have thoughts of lonesomeness,
But I camouflage them so well;
I lose interest in living each day some more,
Keeping these emotions in my core.
I need to end this coldness,
So that before death it leaves me soulless.

Photo by Tim Bogdanov on Unsplash


The Lifestyle of Contemporary Civilization

They say, go and chase your dreams,
And you run, and you keep running,
For what?
With the hope of fulfilling your dreams,
Satisfying your desires?
But are those dreams & desires truly yours?
Do those dreams & desires
Come from your innermost being?
Or are they just the influences of our society,
The imitations of the lifestyle of your neighbours,
The expectations of your parents,
And the introjections of our generation?

With the possibility of hope of being
Fulfilled and satisfied your dreams & desires,
You contend against others,
Which indeed are the transient realities of life;

You attempt for the accumulation,
Of the outward riches and luxuries of this world,
Rather than nurturing and expanding,
the frontiers & horizons of your inner world;

For the sake of having a comfortable life,
You prefer technology over the human spirit;
You trample trees, tear love,
Exploit humanity and fraternity;
Are you a human being or are you
Just flesh and blood,
Without a heart, mind and soul?

Photo by Ryoji Iwata on Unsplash



One day, at the end of the evening,
While I was walking down the street,
Wearied of my work and duty,
Brooding over my past unfulfilled dreams,
Resisting to savour the joy of the present;

Meanwhile, a large spark of lightning,
Broke through the clouds in the sky across the horizon,
A formidable thunder to be heard,
Those dense clouds condensing themselves,
Preparing for raining down upon the parched ground;

After a while, those tiny raindrops,
Poured down on my face,
Dripping gladly through my entire being,
Filling me in an instant to the brink;

Purging away all the collected bitterness,
Of my heart of all the years,
Emptied me out of all my unfulfilled dreams,
Desires and hopes of the past;

Wiping those impish droplets off my face,
With those soft hands of hers;
Stretching out in a tender goodbye,
With a promise of her reappearance.

Photo by Daniel Frank on Unsplash


The Silence Between Us

One night,
While standing beneath the open sky,
Accompanied by the loneliness;

A cool night breeze touching my face,
As a feather touches the water’s surface,
Rustles carried on each breeze,
As if the wind whispers through the trees;

They say life’s just a dream,
Thoughts, flashes of memories,
Moments fleet;
They say life is short,
Each present moment ticking quickly becomes the past;

Funny, it seems my visions fly,
Up to the questions that cross my mind,
I look at my present and wonder why,
Lingering into the conflict between,
The convictions of my heart and mind;

The door of my heart is closed,
The investment of my trust cost the most;
As troubled my mind,
Nothing seems to relieve me from woes too great;

As I express the untold suffering of mine,
With every note that I sing;
Hope it gets to you on some pacific wind,
Wraps itself around you and whispers in your ear,
Tells you that I miss you and every day, without your knowledge,
I instinctively begin & hopelessly end in you.

Photo by Benjamin Davies on Unsplash


A Tale of a Closed-heart

I wanted to be able to see my heart in word-form,

All of its immediate feelings of indifference, emptiness and insecurities;


To lessen the intensity of thereon feelings,

By spelling them out in strings of the alphabet;


I wanted words to flow off of my fingertips,

Like the drippings of inked drops,

Into the verse of the poet’s canvas;


Silky silence strummed the numbness,

Lingering on the feelings of incompleteness.


The Evolution of Involution


Photo by Artem Kovalev on Unsplash